After several years hosting, displaying and owning the Wild Rossendale website I will soon be migrating to a new platform.

I hope to keep most of my pages that have taken such effort to put together since 2006. It will take a little time to come up to scratch as I slowly migrate all the info over to more blog like pages.

You can now find Wild Rossendale on this link  HERE 

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Welcome to the Wild Rossendale website. The website was given life in 2006 after we moved here in 1999. The theme of a wildlife garden was chosen due to our growing interest in the natural world, particularly our interest in Ornithology. The love of the greater world of nature was soon playing it's part within the garden as we strived to plant plants that gave nature a place to thrive as we set about finding wildlife friendly plants, foods and nest boxes. Eventually we gained an appreciation for capturing that wildlife on various forms of recording gadgets. Digiscoping, DSLR, Trail Cams, Nightvision and Video Cameras all play a part in capturing those really intimate moments.
We have loved making the garden friendly to wildlife and the quest to attract more and more species to the garden is ongoing as we search out that balance of native and cultivated plants that provide food for those visiting.
We hope you enjoy the website as it was designed both as a recording aid and as encouragement for others to really Go Wild!
Trip Reports are also available when we have been lucky enough to have holidays including the British Isles and worldwide.

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